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Your foot – a print of the way you live.

At the beginning of each session, we’ll conduct a

foot analysis. According to this analysis, we’ll see how you, the client, feel. Pain, stress and anxiety issues

leave their traces all over your body – and on the soles

of your feet, too. I can draw a picture form the soles of

your feet, telling me all I need to know about your state

of health, issues with your body and patterns of behaviour you may have. In the meantime, we will talk about the issues which get you into these issues and patterns.

It’s necessary to be in a certain state of health,

because the sessions‘ intensity resembles the intensity of light exercise.




Only then, the physical part of the session, the main part, starts. We will work on your whole body. We will use massage-like touches, combined with verbal advice to wake up your body and give him the chance to get present again.

We will find learnt, returning patterns on a bodily level. Step-by-step, you, the client, will learn to become aware of the way you think, feel and act in certain situations – and which negative effects this has on your body. This way, we will enable you, the client, to control these effects and even stop them altogether.


Each session will work as a simulation. Learning from these sessions, you will be able to incorporate your new behaviours in any chose situation. Our common goal is to ring in change. Continuous, self-empowered change.


To make sure this actually works, constant training over a certain time-span is advantageous, or even necessary. You can only get over those routine patterns of thought or behaviours sustainably if you put a certain effort towards it. It’s still up to the client’s goals how many sessions are deemed necessary to achieve them.

Feel to control.

Teresa Meikl

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