Look out for yourself, breathe inside yourself.

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Your body enjoys getting benevolent attention. Sadly, often times we don’t have the ability to give our bodies just that. Most people follow certain automatisms, paradigms and life scripts. Those are adhered to quite consequently, albeit only via our brains. Symptoms and feelings from inside your body, yearning for a change, are disregarded or even negated. And that’s in the face of the fact that every little thought about ourselves has a big effect, and it shows in your body. Academic medicine is aware of these psychosomatic impacts.


In her praxis of body awareness, Teresa Meikl uses the Grinberg Method. That’s a very practical, day-to-day method to allow you to get to know and feel your body better. We can find out which the life-draining situations in your life are, work on them and finally, stop them from draining you. We will get stress-patterns under control.


We will develop your own abilities. That means improving your quality of life and leaving your aching body behind. Every hour will be team work. We will work on the target the client has set for him- or herself. The continuous exchange about current feelings, instructions and views constitute a very important part of this team work.


We will use various Breathing-, Contact-, Focus- and Vitality- Exercises and a very special type of foot-work. This method appeals most to people who want to take responsibility for themselves and are open to gaining new knowledge about their body.


Go ahead and give it a go right now. Here’s a simple exercise you can try.

Teresa Meikl

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