I want to change things.

I work in Salzburg since 2010 exlusivly with the tools of the Grinberg Method. Since end of 2015 I call myself Qualifield Practitioner.

I focus on the recurring issues life throws at us, such as how to deal with anxiety and pain.


The issue of „being your body“, trusting your body and identifying physical as well as psychological symptoms as an alarm bell for necessary changes has always been on my mind.

In my family, I was confronted with serious and life-threatening diseases right from the start. I started to think about this a lot. Which effect would that have on my soul? How could I change those effects inspite of all the external circumstances? How could I influence the situation to look after myself?

My motivation to practice this line of work: I want to change things. I’m interested in new ways to do things. And I want to help as many people as possible to live their personal and individual life, unfazed by external influences.


I work with some of these issues:

  • How you can deal with chronic and acute pain.
  • How we can improve or even get rid of chronic symptoms such as migraines, menstrual pain, cystitis, back problems, slipped discs, tinnitus.
  • Supporting your regeneration following an accident or an injury.
  • Easing tensions.
  • Teaching you how to deal with anxiety and sorrow.
  • How you can stop limiting behavourial patterns to re-gain your well-being.
  • Re-establishing Self-esteem in your body and yourself as a person.
  • All sorts of other issues, such as indisposition, tiredness, stress, burnout and many more.


The Grinberg Method is not suited for people suffering from a life-threatening disease or diseases requiring psychiatric or medical attention.

Teresa Meikl

Im KunstQuartier

Bergstraße 12 / 4. Stock

5020 Salzburg, Österreich

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